Whether we are small plot garlic growers or farmers caring for acres of this marvelous plant, our concerns are the same:
• food
• nutrition ~ soil and plant
• health
• disease resistance
• drought tolerance

Greensand, Acadian Solar Dried Kelp Meal and Soluble Seaweed Extract can meet all of these needs and produce higher yields, all without any chemical intervention.

Conditioning the soil with Greensand (glauconite), which is a natural marine potash containing over 30 trace minerals, means that the minerals become available to the plants via bacterial action and base exchange. The garlic takes the necessary elements from this source as they need it. Greensand is not water soluble and is non burning, it is odourless and safe to handle. It is proven to be an economical asset in growing strong hardy plants and it can be applied at any time of the year.

Some of the lovely pluses of Kelp Meal and Soluble Seaweed Extract, which are both 100% pure Ascophullum nodosum and contain naturally occurring chelated trace minerals, include:

• the foliar feeding (of the soluble extract) increases
• the nutrient uptake in garlic
• marketable yields are increased
• reduction of insect damage, which in turn helps to
• prevent fungal diseases
• promotes better root growth
• and the final product has a higher Brix reading

Feeding kelp to ourselves, our livestock , or our crops all has the same effects. It improves immune systems and increases vitality. Recent studies indicate that it also improves plants ability to withstand droughts.

(Editor's note: for additional information contact Sue at Pinnacle Farms at sales@pinnaclefarms.com)

§ written by: Sue Cheeseman

green point reprinted from: The Garlic Newsletter
- March 2003 Edition

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