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We provide products that can be fed to organic or conventional livestock and used to produce abundant crops. Supplements and fertilizers are made from quality ingredients using methods that protect their fragile natural components, thereby ensuring that the maximum benefits are gained by your crops or livestock.

All products are cost efficient. Natural fertilizers and conditioners allow plants to grow bigger, stronger and have higher yields as well as being better able to cope with some adverse conditions. The soils become healthier with each passing year.

The benefits to livestock are even more dramatic. Feeding all natural supplements encourages the animal's own immune system to strengthen. They are better able to withstand minor illness and recover by themselves if they do catch something. Fertility rates generally increase and high somatic cell counts and the incidence of mastitis usually decrease. The youngsters have better weight gain, seldom need chemical intervention and stay healthy, even after shipping.

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Diatomaceous Earth

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Livestock Premixes

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EQUINE ECSTASY contains a patented bacterial fermentation supplement and a Equin Ecstasycomplete source of essential vitamins and minerals — vitamins A, D and E, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and potassium. Equine Ecstasy also contains both kelp and chelated complexes of copper, iron, cobalt, zinc and manganese along with a high quality roughage source

Highly palatable, Equine Ecstasy can be used safely and effectively on horses in all stages of their life: from babies to broodmares and stallions, horses in training, and endurance to racing.

Available in 12 kg. bag. Feed from 1 oz. to 5oz/hd/day.
Prices start at $120.25

organic farming trace mineralsBio—Ag Premixes are organically approved and formulated with highest quality natural ingredients. Chelated minerals and natural source vitamins ensure maximum absorption by the animal. In dairy cows it improves their appetites, increases milk production, establishes healthier newborn calves and contains B Vitamin complex to assist with environmental stress.


All other livestock benefits similarly; improved feed utilization and weight gain, boosted immune systems that are better able to cope with stress and improved coat and feathering quality.

Our cows, ducks, chickens, turkeys, and goats all go outside in the winter and manage wonderfully.

Available in 25 kg. plastic lined bags.
Prices start at $42.00/bag

Kelp Meal fresh from the Atlantic Ocean and naturally 100% solar dried, is an excellent source of trace minerals that can conveniently be added into the regular feeding program.

There are so many benefits to all livestock when feeding 100% solar dried Kelp including:
• enhancement of the immune system
• increased feed efficiency
• encouragement of regular heat cycles
• improved conception rates and increased number of healthy births
• decreased birth related complications
• reduced incidence of mastitis, retained placenta, abortions and infertility
• milk fever can generally be avoided
• increased milk yield, extends lactation periods
• combats molds in feed and helps to detoxify the body after exposure to moldy feeds

We free-choice Kelp to all of our animals, enhancing the benefits of the other products we use.

Available in 1.5 kg. pails
Seasonally in
25 kg. bags and by the truck load
Prices start at $15.99/pail

natural trace mineral saltRedmond Salt is rock salt. Natural rock salt mined from an open pit deposit near Redmond, Utah. It is mostly pure salt, (95% pure sodium chloride) but it also contains many valuable trace minerals. Natural trace minerals that all livestock need and are all essential to the proper growth and development of your livestock.

Crushed and screened salt available in convenient 50 lb. bags to be mixed directly into your feed rations and even more finely screened salt is available for you and family, in 1 and 2 pound bags for the kitchen.


Available in 50 lb. bags
Prices start at 26.50/bag

Perma_GuardDiatomaceous Earth — Probably the most effective naturally occurring protective powder is diatomaceous earth. This is a geological deposit made up of the fossilized skeletons of siliceous marine and fresh water organisms, particularly diatoms and other algae. When crushed, they break up into tiny pieces of "glass'' (so tiny that the material feels like talcum powder). It kills insects and parasites by cutting their exoskeleton and they dehydrate. DE can be sprayed on barn walls, put on animals, added to feed and can be added to poultry litter. REMAINS ACTIVE FOREVER (unless it is washed away or cleaned up).


It is reported to have the ability to:

• kill all internal and external parasites
• aid in feed conversion
• control flies by killing the larvae in manure
• control odour
• and promote better health and egg laying


Suggested Rate

Beef Cattle

1% of total weight of dry ration
5% in grain

Dairy Cattle 1% of total weight of dry ration
Calves 4 grams in morning milk per calf
Chickens 5% in feed,
use at full strength in dusting boxes
Hogs .2% of total feed ration,
dust or spray on bedding and animals
Horses 5 ounces (1 cup) in daily feed ration
Sheep 1% in ground grains, 1 part Diatomaceous Earth
to 2 parts Redmond T-M salt
Goats 1% in grain: up to
50% in Redmond TM salt
Dogs 1 Tblsp. per day in daily ration for dogs over 55 lbs., 1 tsp. per day in ration for small dogs and puppies, rub powder at full strength into the coat for fleas and sprinkle on bedding. DE can also be added to drinking water at 1 Tblsp. per gallon.
8-10 lbs.
1/2 tsp. per day in ration, rub at full strength into coat for fleas and sprinkle on bedding. DE can also be added to drinking water at 1 Tblsp. per gallon.

It will also kill other insects in your garden, orchard, home, and lawn. It is great for controlling ants. It contains no poisons. Diatomaceous Earth is a safe alternative to using poisons to control insects and parasites (parasites can not develop an immunity to it). In several tests, DE gave better protection of grain than malathion, particularly over the long term, without exposing anyone to the dangers of toxic chemicals. DE is an ideal pesticide; it is residual but nontoxic.

Insect Control

Suggested Application Rate




Enclosed areas

use 10 to 15 lbs.per acre (a little less on a very calm day).

Dust after a rain or after a heavy dew to increase sticking of the powder. Dust plant upward from the ground, covering all stems, top and underside of leaves.

use 1/2 to 3/4 lb. per 1000 sq. ft.
Hang dust bags in doorways of barns.
Sprinkle in areas where insects are present.

Rows use 4 lbs.per acre injected over seed
Spray Mix 2 lbs.per gallon of water with a wetting agent.[Rates as low as 1/4 pound per 5 gallons water with a wetting agent have been effective]. Keep mixture well agitated.

Sprinkle the ground liberally on and around tree trunks.

For problem pests, tree trunks can also be painted with a mixture of DE, water, and a wetting agent. This may inhibit the migration of various fruit flies (maggot stage), worms and the beetles (grub stage).


Whether you are keeping weevils out of grain bins or feeding it to your livestock and pets, we believe we sell the best form of DE for these applications.

Available in 50 lb. bags at the warehouse, or
1.5 kg. and 4 kg. pails, by mail order.
Bulk (39 bags/skid) pricing and wholesale enquiries welcome.

Can be delivered right to your door.

gluconate greensand Greensand, an ocean deposit, is a non burning, economical soil amendment with an available potassium content of six to seven percent, that aids in: growing strong, hardy plants, improving yield and supplying the vitally necessary elements to produce vigorous plant growth.

Greensand contains over 30 valuable trace minerals; marine potash plus silica, iron oxide, magnesium, lime and phosphoric acid. It is the silica which holds moisture and enables greensand to give bulk to sandy soil. Greensand is highly recommended for the conditioning of pasture lands, lawns, orchards, field crops, fruits and vegetable crops. It is of a soft nature and will break down and become a part of the soil. It will not lose its effectiveness in storage and can be applied at any time of the year. Even your house plants will love it!

Available in 50lb. bags
Prices start at $28.50/bag

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