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What does ORIANA Communications Inc. do?

What is an appropriate, affordable fashion?

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The Result: From Problem to Problem Solver

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What does ORIANA Communications Inc. do?

Today, complexity is an integral part of our work, our homes, our lives. When that complexity is beyond our understanding, questions thwart success. As unanswered questions build, much-needed solutions can be delayed, even abandoned.

The cost in credibility and return on investment is often high; and frustration builds on all sides.


ORIANA designs, develops, and delivers answers.

From telecommunications to theosophy, ORIANA Communications Inc. bridges the gap between those who create ideas and those who wish to enjoy the fruits of those ideas. Whether it is instructor-led training, technical writing, or web-based learning, we deliver answers that don't just bridge the gap, they stop a gap from ever forming.

Show us the product or the process. Show us the people who need to use it. We'll identify their questions and provide answers that will maximize the performance of everyone and everything.

And we will do it all in an appropriate, affordable fashion.

What is an appropriate, affordable fashion?

This could be called the mother of all questions.

In working with you to answer it, ORIANA gathers the information needed to specify a package that will satisfy the budget and the people.

Just a few children of this question are:

What is the product, the process, the problem?

Who needs to know something about it?

Who needs to understand it and why?

Who is going to use it and how?


What are the benefits of good answers?

Lower support costs

Better products

Happier users

And the sum of those three? Higher margins and increased sales.

How does ORIANA deliver the answers?

Whether you want an instructor-led course, a web-based solution, or just good old ink on paper, ORIANA can deliver it.

What is our M. O.?

Our modus operandi:

Leave no assumption unquestioned, leave no question unanswered.

By integrating this with an appreciation of marketing and product management, ORIANA delivers solutions that meet the needs of the target audience while remaining sensitive to the business objectives of the company.

The Result: From Problem to Problem Solver

The effectiveness of ORIANA's deliverables stems from our ability to look beyond the immediate question and identify the missing knowledge that underlies the question.

Our answers raise people from the level of the problem to the level of problem solver.

Examples of Our Work

Food, Inc.

The Peters Projection

Farm Facts Or Fiction

The Inuksuk

Diatomaceous Earth

Mandalas (A Comparison of Eastern and Western Thought)

Eating: Is It Good For You?

Country Estate, Organic Lifestyle Farm

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By e-mail to oriana@magma.ca or by post to

ORIANA Communications Inc., R. R. #1, Maberly, Ontario, Canada, K0H 2B0

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