Certified Organic

100% Grass Fed Heritage

breeding stock for sale.

Currently available: young bulls 12 to 20 months (not pictured above)
heifers and young cows

Cross Breeding Advantages

The natural poll is dominant as is the uniform red colour. Combine this with excellent beef and dairy qualities and it makes the Red Poll choice an ideal bull for any cross breeding program.

Red Poll bulls transmit the highly sought after maternal qualities to their progeny, which makes Red Poll cross cows excellent base cows for any breeding program.

Medium frame Red Poll cattle produce small calves with rapid growth rate, which make Red Poll bulls highly desirable for open heifers. The Red Poll bull is also noted for his excellent work ethic, even under the harshest of climatic conditions.

Red Poll bulls will produce:

  • 95 % — 100 % naturally polled progeny
  • 80 % — 95 % reds when crossed with other breeds and will produce a uniform herd of cattle from any mixed lot of cows. An inexpensive way to attain an impressive looking herd, quickly and efficiently.
  • Excellent hoof quality that provides a lifetime of maintenance/trouble free feet
  • The first cross females will produce more milk than their mothers
  • Pigmentation virtually eliminates eye cancer when crossed with the white faced breeds and they don't get sunburned.
  • Quality steers with tender well trimmed and muscled carcasses (ideal for the modern consumer).

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