akbash puppy dog picturess
“ I'm on a mission”

Uschi at eight weeks.


Akbash Bouvier Puppies Pictures
Out with her buddies

Her first walk with her new friends and teachers.

Our first choice has always been to try to provide a home to a 'rescue' animal, usually an older animal needing a home for some reason. Uschi is our first planned puppy in over a decade. Having lost our beloved Bouvier, 'Bear' to cancer and when our other Akbash, 'Siva' developed a very serious form of epilepsy, we decided that the only way any of our poultry were to survive was to find an Akbash puppy that could be raised with the chickens and learn from the others.

Akbash dogs pictures
Siva and Uschi
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chickens checking
Akbash dogs pictures
Uschi checking
Akbash dog pictures

Akbash dogs pictures
10 months old

Everyone trusts her and her ability enough to sleep near her. Two big male muscovies doze behind her.

9 months

akbash dog pictures

akbash dog pictures
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Akbash dog pictures
Akbash dog pictures
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