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Welcome to our Farm

Pinnacle Farms, provides the finest meats, foods and feeds.

animal pictures
Spice and one of his Girls


duck pictures
Oscar — our 8 year old Muscovy Drake


Columbian_Rock_HenWe are able to provide customers with the highest quality certified organic Omega 3 eggs and meats: grainless beef, goats meat (chevon), chickens, muscovy ducks, and turkeys. We occasionally have rare heritage breeding stock available including Red Poll cattle and Columbian Rock hens (Shaver strain).

Alpine Goats Does

.....and the Spice Girls

These are some of our does. We maintain our core flock of older girls that are bred with excellent dairy genetics. We breed for good dairy characteristics but not huge pendulous udders. Our goats are raised naturally and must be able to maintain their health and vigour on rough terrain. Our does are great examples of Natural Rearing and a holistic approach to their husbandry.

We protect all of our free range poultry and waterfowl with two Livestock Guardian Dogs; an Akbash who is 100% successful in her duties and her partner, a Great Pyrenees rescue that has learned his new tasks very well. We feel this is an environmentally responsible way to control all the predators.

We also carry the complete product line of organically approved Bio-Ag livestock supplements, minerals, 100% Solar Dried Kelp, Perma Guard Diatomaceous Earth - a natural odor-free pesticide, fertilizers and soil amendments. All are available at our farm warehouse or by bulk order across Canada.

Mission Statement

The mission of Pinnacle Farms is to research, apply, and integrate modern, traditional, and aboriginal knowledge and technologies for livestock and field management in order to create an economically viable operation that supports, sustains, and enhances all life.


To implement and demonstrate agricultural practices that are organic, sustainable, and economically viable, and to market and sell products derived therefrom into a local market.

To establish an Internet presence that acts to illustrate and describe the operation, disseminate information about the philosophy and technologies underlying the operation, and to present and market Pinnacles’ products and services.

To promote livestock production using organic feed and feed supplements.

To provide livestock, health care based on holistic practices.

To enhance soil through natural-source soil amendments that build healthy soil structures and allow intensive grazing practices.

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