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farm facts or fiction

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Oriana Communications

Have you ever considered life, the universe and everything in it? Do you think it's possible to live differently? Are you wondering if you must forsake all the comforts that a modern society offers in order to achieve true health and peace of mind?

We have felt all of the above. After many years of seeking alternate ways to live respectfully on this marvelous planet, we have discovered a way to begin the process of wedding the best that technology has to offer, with a healthy, natural way of living and raising our livestock.

We started our farming experience 25 years ago breeding heritage livestock and thus began our journey into a total lifestyle change. By seeking out the best feed ingredients for our goats, chickens and ducks, we met farmers that were involved in organic agriculture and wonderful people that were dedicated to 'helping farmers produce quality crops and healthy livestock' NATURALLY. Many of these early associations have become lasting friendships and business partnerships. By embarking on the seemingly simple task of feeding our animals naturally, providing them with optimum nutrition, thus enabling the natural robustness of their own immune systems to protect them from disease and injury; we have emerged over two decades later with a beautiful farm, populated with a herd of Alpine dairy goats, free range chickens and ducks, and Red Poll cattle.

We start from the ground up. We feed the soil with natural products. We have very pure well water that is the best foundation for health. Combine this with all natural feed supplements and certified organic grains and what we have is: an almost completely organic diet for ourselves, milk, cream, butter, cheese, eggs, meat, chicken, Christmas duck and vegetables; animals living together in health and harmony, providing us with endless hours of entertainment and wonder. We have learned how to improve the quality of all of our lives. We would like to share this with you.


Tribute to Martella