Pinnacle Farms supplies organic food & feed to an ever growing customer base of concerned people both urban and rural.

People whose concerns include:

  • what they are eating and what they are putting into themselves and their children
  • how the vegetables and crops were grown
  • how the animals were raised - was it in a natural, happy, stress free environment, without chemical or genetically modified inputs

moscovy mother with ducklings
free range mother duck with her naturally hatched ducklings

  • how they can enhance the immune systems of their livestock by feeding them correctly balanced organic feeds and supplements instead of antibiotics

our Alpine goat herd out for their daily herb walk

All of this ensures maximum benefits in terms of flavour, quality and life force of the food produced, as well as supporting a safe, sustainable environment for the future.

By supplying families with organic meat & eggs and farmers with everything in between, we offer a wide range of products for people who are concerned with what they eat or how it's grown or raised.

Red Poll Cows Grazing
our Heritage Red Poll Cows grazing
The proper mineral supplements supply our livestock with all they need to have gleaming coats, great foot quality, a high conception rate and the ability to birth unassisted all the while living outside year round.


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