horse photos Martella, by Martell (Holst.) out of Cedargal

First there was Martella. A foundation mare in the truest sense of the concept. She came into our lives unexpectedly. She was our first broodmare and to me she was perfect. She had every quality that I still look for in a mare; substance without clunkiness, depth of girth for that all important heart and lung room, a lovely, elegant head, neck and shoulder,a powerful hind end and a leg at each corner. Her conformation is excellent and her way of going was very nice, especially considering she was 11 months pregnant when I met her and decided she was going to start our breeding farm. It was love at first sight so it was an added pleasure to see her bloodlines and realize what a treasure she really was.

horse photos
Carino (Trakehner) by Liguster out of Caterina

Then came Carino. An extremely correct stallion whose conformation, way of going and temperament complimented Martella in every way. I got a tingling feeling when I went to see him, a sign, I felt, that meant he was 'the one'. I try to pay attention to 'signs' and this one was certainly right. Carino bred Martella four seasons in a row and one definitely got the impression that he genuinely loved to see her again each year. All of their foals were of great character and type. We have kept two, our stallion My Sequoia and his sister, Morgana, who will take over from her mom.


The result was this marvelous little foal that seemed to be perfect. Carino's owner, Connie Kempter, first saw him at age 3 weeks and said 'he is Carino's best foal on the ground in North America'. Quite a compliment. Little did we know that for the next few years almost every breeder's class judge would agree with her! Sequoia was always a horse. He grew so evenly that by age 6 months at the R.A.W.F. he looked like a little horse instead of a cute photos
Sequoia at the Royal Winter Fair in 1990 - his first show and he was Reserve Junior Champion

horse photos
3 week old Sequoia

horse photos

Sequoia one year later at the Royal. That year he was first in his class and his full brother was second. They were Senior Champion Colt and Junior Champion Colt and he really made us proud when he was placed as Reserve Grand Champion! An amazing accomplishment as yearlings hardly ever place over mature horses. He had so much ring presence; the look on his face as he flew into the ring the final time was 'look at me - I AM HERE!'
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