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muscovy duck pictures
muscovy ducks are unarguably the best all natural fly catchers.


muscovy ducks pictures
They start young! The middle duckling just caught a fly, on his first day out. The others are taking a brief rest before their moms start carting them around the farm.

muscovy ducks
The big stretch

A new mom out for her first stretch in 37 days. Brooding and hatching take 35 to 37 days, during which time she will only leave the nest long enough to quickly eat and drink. Sometimes it seems like they never leave the nest. They are very exuberant when they emerge with their families.

organic muscovy ducklings in waterer
Learning to drink is much easier if you are sitting in it. Next step is off on a first foray.

free range muscovy ducks
New mothers out on the front lawn with their new family.
pictures of farm animals
This first time mom seems to be wondering if these really are all hers.

The girl who makes it all possible—

Our Livestock Guardian Dog

— has brought peace to our farm

Without our Akbash, Uschi, none of our ducks, hens, chickens or turkeys would be able to survive here. With a high predator population; ranging from the usual foxes, skunks and raccoons, to fischers and coyotes, this amazing LGD manages to keep everyone alive. She is still only a pup but she knows her job. She keeps predators away by constantly warning them by barking. If they ignore the first warning or have managed to get in close and she sees them, she becomes silent and gives chase. Seeing her in full flight chasing a fox is really something. She doesn't need to kill them, she just intimidates them away and it works!

dog pictures Akbash
Sheepfield's Ursula - "Uschi"
pictured at 10 months

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It is part of our philosophy to live in balance with our land, not to have to kill others in order to raise what we need and Uschi makes it all possible. Prior to her arrival at 8 weeks old, we suffered very heavy losses and the ducks wouldn't venture far from their coop. Now they are everywhere and are relaxed.

Even the goats appreciate her. The mothers don't have to worry about lost kids while out on their herb walk. Uschi finds all the stragglers and makes sure I know, so that everyone gets home.

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